Auditing and Surveying

Research informs action. This is why at SP we offer our clients a variety of important research services which they use to make better informed decisions and implement insightful strategies. 


Market and Customer Research - In order to grow your business you need to know your customers and your opportunities. We carry out detailed audits to identify new markets, new customers and the size of venture that will help your business flourish in the direction identified by our marketing strategy. 


Site Surveys and Audits Our team carries out detailed surveys of every store or site before your displays are installed. These plans help to identify issues early, maximise impact and ultimately increase your ROMI. These surveys ensure store compliance and provide you with a clear store-wide view instantly.


Compliance Management We provide end to end solutions, including audits and consultancy, to help drive improved implementation standards across your business allocations


New Store Openings At this key point you need to everything to be managed flawlessly. We work with your business to understand your store concept and requirements, to create the right look and feel for the store and manage your store opening with agreed milestones. By getting your brand image right from day one, we improve your customers’ perception of your brand, increase your ROI on store opening and eliminate waste. 

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